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Our Hubcaps are used and in good useable condition. We have many hubcaps and center caps in stock that are not listed on our web site. Whether you need a replacement hubcap, replacment center cap, or a replacement wheel, you have come to the right place. Many hubcaps, center caps, or specialty items that we don't have in stock may be ordered for you. Additional hubcaps and center caps are available on our other websites theshinywheel and wheelcovers and centercaps

pontiac - hubcaps and centercaps

You can narrow your search to the following models, or look through all pontiac hubcaps below. Please note: not all models are listed in the list below. If you don't see your model listed, you can scroll down further on this page to see all pontiac hubcaps.
Pontiac Bonneville
Pontiac Grand Am
Pontiac Grand Prix

GR9 Pontiac Bonneville 2000 to 2004 16inch hubcap
In Stock $45.00

GR20 Pontiac Grand Am 1995 to 1998 14 inch hubcap (plastic lug nuts available)
In Stock $45.00

GR7 Pontiac Grand Am 1999 to 2004 15 inch hubcap
In Stock $45.00

GPW4 Pontiac Grand Prix 2004 to 2005 16x6x1/2 Wheel Aluminum Silver
In Stock $125.00

GPW1 Pontiac Grand Prix 1997 to 2000 16x6x1/2 Wheel
In Stock $225.00

PC12 Pontiac Center Cap
part num:(10132656)

PC16 Pontiac Center Cap
part num:(25606363, 25551644)

PC14 Pontiac Center Cap
part num:(22567779)

PXC5 Pontiac Center Center Cap 2.25 Inches Across Front
part num:(9593169, 9594156, 9595157)